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About Us

At Sportoli, we spare no effort to bring you an affordable yet better product. Our everyday quality betterwear gives you comfort, good feeling, and lasts through the day and for time to come.

The folks behind the creation of the Sportoli brand have been involved in the apparel industry since 1969, when we got into the clothing business with local clothing stores, and then expanded to importing, and then creating, our own items based on customer preferences and demand for high quality well priced apparel, which culminated in the launch of the Sportoli brand, which is where we proudly stand today, building further our hard earned reputation for delivering budget conscious, better apparel.

With our growing popularity and dedication to bring quality clothing at an unmatched value proposition, Sportoli is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite brands. We’ve found the sweet spot of the right clothes at the right price - with the right fit.

Sportoli makes you smile.

And, we’re honored to have you join us!

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